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Dear Prince Charming

By MollyKate B, Groveton, NH

You know. I was just thinking. There are plenty of Prince Charmings in this world, there's only one for me. I don't know who he is. Who his family members are. What he looks like. What his favorite movie is. Whether he likes his eggs scrambled or sunny side up. Or which shoe he puts on first. Or maybe I do know I him. Maybe I see him everyday, I know everything about him. One thing I do know for sure, is that I love him. And so when he finds me, I want him to love me too. I want him to shake my hand, and look me in the eyes, and think to himself, I want to marry this woman. He may not come soon, as a matter of fact, I almost hope he doesn't, I haven't quite become the woman he's expecting yet. I'm a discouraged little girl with tears in my eyes, that's not what he wants, neither what he deserves.

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