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Pen and Paper

By LadyZaza, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Jaster sat quietly in front of his human, C.J. He had been guarding him, invisibly, for the past seventeen years. In fact, fairies have been guarding and protecting their humans since Adam. When a human is born, so is its fairy. When a human dies, his guardian perishes. They live with their souls joined, and as their lives are connected, they die together. However, no living human has the slightest idea that their fairy exists. A fairy has three powers. One, the ability to fly, two, the power to give one wish to their human and three to be capable of showing themselves to their human. The latter is very rare because it’s only when the human is dying and has enough faith that he can handle seeing his fairy. Fairies know everything about their human. Their thoughts, emotions and memories are all shared. They even share personalities and genders.

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