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Inside The Life of a Maniac

By Mayra D., Barrington, IL

Today, gangs are more violent, more organized, and more widespread than ever before. Although many don’t realize it, they affect the lives of a majority of students. If it’s not the student directly, it’s a family member, a friend, or simply someone you see in a class or hall. There are ways to dress, to talk, and to walk that can classify you as being part of a gang, but what is the truth behind the motives of these teens? According to authorities and gang observers, reasons why people chose to enter a gang are the need to belong, to make money, for protection, for excitement, and to acquire status.
It is one thing is to observe and analyze the gang situation, but a whole different story coming directly from a gang member. An anonymous student, who will be referred to as Jose in this article, forms part of the gang Maniac, “Turning into a Maniac was something that I had to do for myself,” he said, “and now it’s my obligation”

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