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What Should Be The Penalty For Teenage Shoplifters? This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By STEPHANIE F., Brooklyn, NY

   Everyone who commits a crime should be tried and sentenced equally. Everyone knows the difference between right and wrong.

A 14-year-old who commits armed robbery knows that it is wrong. We are taught that robbery is wrong by our parents and teachers. There is no excuse for those who perform an illegal act. Why should those under the age of 18 be protected from the law? The law is meant to protect the victims, not the felons. The perpetrator will keep committing these acts until he is punished. There should be a strict sentence for each crime.

Juvenile delinquents should not be placed in a regular penitentiary with older offenders, but instead be put in a special prison, to be schooled and rehabilitated. They should be forced to serve the whole sentence, and not be released automatically when they reach the age of 18.

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