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I'm Not a Kid Anymore

By Sitav, Cedar Grove, NJ

Health class once taught us that we are past childhood, into the stage of teenagers, and I think that that’s all my classmates have ever truly taken in from that class.
I go to school with a variety of students. Most of them declare themselves old enough to go out and have fun on their own, get jobs and cell phones, and date people who they “love”. They claim to be maturing young adults that have the right to make their own decisions and not be told what to do by their parents and teachers. Most of these teens get what they want, however, they don’t realize that with trust and freedom comes responsibility, which isn’t easy to fulfill.

So, today, I sat in health class, waiting for my teacher to pass out worksheets on the female reproductive system. It took about ten minutes to get started because everyone already knew what we would be studying that day and so took an early start on giggles and immature remarks.

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