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Journey to the Daemon Kings' Lair

By Kyte., Aurora, CO


In a small mountain town named Eldein, four kids loved adventure. No matter how big or small they’d take the challenge. Before we get to the main story, these four kids, James, Trina, Laura, and Greg, went looking in the forest and found four small Alinthers. Alinthers are small creatures that take the form of the most beloved animal that their master knows of. They can transform into larger forms of themselves to fight or to travel far distances in a short time. Trina got Manx, a wolf pup. James got a bear cub named Ingol. Laura got Lira, a bobcat kitten. And Greg got a tiger named Soho. So they kept their alinthers and they figured out that their alinthers could talk just like them. They could answer questions, ask questions and make conversation with anyone who spoke English, their main language.

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