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Breaking Dawn

By Zoey H., Brooklyn Park, MN

I read the book Breaking Dawn by Stephanie Meyer. It has 754 pages and its publisher is Little Brown and Company. I think that this book was a great ending to the series. The story started right where it left off and had a great plot.

Breaking Dawn started right where Eclipse left off. Bella and Edward were about to get married. After they did, Edward took Bella to Esme’s Island for their honeymoon. There, Bella decided she wanted to hold off her turning into a vampire to go to Dartmouth with Edward. They leave the island early because Bella has found out she is pregnant. It is strangely growing faster than usual babies. Edward thinks the reason for that is because it may be a vampire baby. They return to Forks and Carlisle tells Charlie that Bella is in quarantine from a South American food poisoning sickness.

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