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Hannah Montana: The Movie

By claudiia,, Caguas, Puerto Rico

I have never liked Hannah. In fact, I have never liked Miley, except for her fashion style. Apart I have always said she is a made up artist by her father, the famous country singer Billy Ray Cyrus. For me, she has always had a so-so kind of performance in acting and singing.

So when I spent those six dollars and fifty cents in the movie ticket to see Hannah Montana: The Movie I hoped so bad it wasn’t a waste of money. I saw the beginning; it was okay; typical Disney Channel. But as this movie progresses I find out it’s all driven out to give a message.

At first you only realize. But then you start applying it in your own life and thinking about personal experiences. “Don’t loose yourself (who you truly are)” may be one quote that relates to the first half of the movie, another one could be, “always be yourself”, “never forget we’re you come from”.

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