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Beyond an Eternal Chain

By dirinity, clayton, NC

I am sitting here. At my mother's desk. Looking through the pale sheer curtains, straining to see what lies beyond my faded world. I try to see beyond what is right in front of me, the blatant truth. That everything I will ever want will forever be just beyond the berth of my reach. My left hand smoothes my forehead, the premature wrinkles wrought by stress.

I try to think beyond the sheers that curtain and withhold the beauty of what lies beyond. I manage an empty laugh. I laugh at the irony. The symbolic representation of those feeble curtains. The denied beauty of truth. A beauty I fear I will never know. Resignation rests in my stomach like a purring feline, comfortable and determined to stay at its leisure. Thinking so, I feel betrayed.

Must I accept just this too small realm of monotony?

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