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Cheyenne D., Lumberton, TX By cheyenneduhon, Lumberton, TX

She never thought it would come to this. Her reflection repulsing. The bathroom tiles cool on her toes. Voices run through her mind telling her Yes! Then some No! Focus and concentration cannot be found. Her breath is heavy and broken as she falls to the floor. With shaky hands she pulls back her long dark brown locks into a messy ponytail. She leans toward the toilet and watches her salty tears drip in the water. With wet eyes she plunges the toothbrush down her throat.
Instead of buying her lunch she packed her own. She filled the bag to the brim with foods of many sorts. Then, making sure she was alone, she packed the diet pills down at the bottom of her pack. Feeling guilty, she exited the front door, off to another day at the same horrible high school.
At school her focus couldn’t be found. The girl practically felt the eyes of her peers boring into her skin .

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