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Cleopatra's Journal

By TheWaitress, Denton, TX

52 BC

Though only a year ago father passed away and made myself and Ptolemy joint rulers, which due to Egyptian law I must have a husband or son, so shortly after his death we got married, I must say it absolutely annoying that we must be surrounded with advisers! Especially advisers who love to use power, Prothinus our court eunuch, Archillas who isn’t so bad, I mean he does command the Alexandrian army, so power isn’t so bad when going to battle, but Theodolltus my brother’s tutor who came from Chios, I’m not a fan of his. I must go, much to do! Especially with the tension that seems to be filling the air.

As queen of Egypt I am the ruler of all. I must stay in good favor with the citizens though. Which I believe I am at this time. After my fathers death a sphinx was created for him, a tribute to his rule.

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Good job overall, but, Marc Antony died first, Octavian (actually probably a guard) discovered Cleopatra after she died.
Jul. 03, 2016 at 9:45 AM • Report