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High School Tips (for guys and girls)

By JustMe, Atlanta, GA

Hey everyone, this is Emma G. If your wondering why I am on Morgan’s page, she is being a great friend and letting me use hers until I get my own. I am 15 years old, so this blog will be very interesting. Girls here are a few tips for anyone going into their freshman year of High School, and have questions, or have wondered what its like. And guys, here is a hint on how most girls think.
All the parents are always preaching that H.S. (Short for High School lol) is where all the peer pressure comes in, the drugs being offered every where, the birds and the bees talk, saying that not everyone is “doing it”, the speech where they tell you not to follow the crowd but instead be the leader. And the famous line, “if everyone jumped off a bridge, would you follow?” But a lot of parents are wrong, like maybe they don’t remember very clearly that far back.

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