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When all is falling, just spread your wings and fly.

By lauren_b, Flower Mound, TX

Have you ever been bitten by the skin chilling snow? I have, when i lost my mom. I was 15 years old in 10th grade, a teenage girl just trying to get by.
When i found out my mom had cancer all i would think, all i could think was that she'd be fine; nothing can happen to her, she's my mom. I was in denial.
I started to look at other peoples lives wishing i could trade with them, because being dragged hoplessly along while you constantly are screaming and fighting for the horror to end is like a car with no brakes driving and driving to a dead end of disaster. Where was i to turn next?
As time went by my mom got sicker and sicker, and i grew weaker and weaker. My mind was allways racing and trying to find a way to stop. I started lashing out at teachers, friends, family cuz i wanted to yell and fight everyone, cause i was blaming myself.

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