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Mario and Sonic at the Olympics

By Zaho92, Los Angeles, CA

Mario and Sonic at the Olympics is a fun game available for the Wii and Nintendo DS systems. This game enables players to play the virtual version of the Beijing 2008 Olympics. There are many characters to choose from Mario to Bowser and Peach to Blaze. As well, one can choose from a variety of activities such as aquatics, gymnastics, and athlectics.

The pro of this game is that the more you unlock levels, the more you learn about the modern and ancient Olympics. Another positive point is that you can adjust the level of each competition from weak to tough eventhough that beats the purpose of playing the game. Thus, the big advantage is that anyone can play this game thanks to the easy instructions in the manual and on the screen.

The con of this game is that it gets boring after a while.

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