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Sisters For Life

By B.T.Pixie, Bumpass, VA

Sisters for Life

We have no relation of blood,
no debt you owe,
but its still so...
in my darkest hours
of my hardest days
Your presence haunts me
and you never leave.
You hold your ground when all others flee.
To tell me you love me
and want to know what's wrong.
So you can help me as sisters do.
So you can remind me I always have you.
My Sister For Life,
my healthy healing,
the way my heart mends,
and the one I confide in.
I love you my sister
We are Sisters for Life.
I know your secrets and you know mine.
When I talk to you I feel free, and I can show the whole me.
I'm so happy you can confide with me.
I'm so glad we have each other,
to share each othes pain and each others glee.
to help so each others feelings free.
Sisters For Life we'll always be!

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