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Open Your Eyes

By sunshine.dez., hemet, CA

I wish you could see; see what we all see.

She lies to you. Not just every once and a while, all the time. You only see one side of her. I don’t know her well, and I see more than you do. You should see how she is when you’re gone. You think she’s being loyal and faithful to you, but that’s not what I see. That’s not what any of us see. We want to tell you, but how can we?

How are we supposed to tell you she isn’t who you think she is? We are friends now, and I want to look out for you. But is it my place to say anything? To tell you what I see? The way she talks to him like she talks to you, the way she touches his arm just like she touches yours. I wonder if she even uses the same lines she uses with you. I wouldn’t doubt it.

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