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Unspoken Passion

Cheyenne D., Lumberton, TX By cheyenneduhon, Lumberton, TX

After the last bell rang out its solid clear tone all Nate’s classmates bounded out the building, off doing their normal agenda. With his backpack full of school books and his duffle for practice Nate hopped on his bike for the mile long ride to the ice rink.
Pulling into the bike racks he put the kickstand down before placing on the lock. Noticing he was thirty minutes early, he entered the rink without heading straight to the locker room. He found a seat in the front row, and let out a refreshed sigh. Watching the female ice skaters was never really interesting to him, but he was early, and would rather do this than review plays. Every girl took her turn leaping and twirling in the tiny leotards. All these girls where snobs, he knew. They were the girls that made themselves look perfect and thought they were too good for others.

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