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bite marks

By Lamont A., sevren, MD

I woke up from a terrible nightemare with a severe hurt on the side of my neck. I looked into the mirror after rushing out of bed to find two trails of blood dripping from my neck,and also two bite marks plunged into my neck.All of sudden my head was trobbing with pain and hurt.What was happining to me i tried to ask myself as the pain increased and my body insintly got colder.I tried to crawl back into bed, when i heard a sinister laugh. Iran down the stairs where i heard the laughter comming from and i saw a shadow fly across the wall. I only had one thought it was that i was dreaming.But deep in my mind i knew that i had just got bitten by a monster,A monster wich no one befriends...A vampire and know i knew i was one something i'd feared from birth

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