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The Facebook Etiquette Rules.

By Rachhhhh, Cherry Hill, NJ

Facebook. Most of us use it on a daily basis, and we all interact with other people through it. However, did you ever give a second thought as to what they meant? Did you ever consider what each action meant?

The Facebook Etiquette Rules:

1. A 'wall to wall' conversation basically means that the social terf even. Back and forth. 50/50, or whatever. Shows a certain amount of consideration.

2. Commenting on a wall post (which happens to be one of the stupidest things about Facebook in my opinion) is the subconscious desire to fill up ones own wall with as much as possible, making the other person have less on their own wall. Too much of this can lead to people thinking the wall owner is a "Facebook W

*" but I'll explain that later.

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