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Aquon's Promise

By Kasperitus, Ottawa, Canada

I am Aquon the Pirate, Aquon the General, Aquon the King, Aquon the God. In sixty years, my small team of pirates had been transformed into an army of untold proportions and I had successfully conquered the entire world. No one else has ever achieved this. No one else deserves MY title of God-King! I built an empire that was to last a thousand years, and within ten years of my absence, my empire divided, its people separated and all my work went to waste.

They now say that my work was fruitless and that, in the end, I achieved nothing. They believe that their work is greater than mine and that they should deserve the title I fought for. They believe that records of my work should be destroyed so that none shall be inspired to try and achieve the title of God-King through force. They believe it can be earned through words, religion and power.

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