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Remember Me

By MeganAnne, Niskayuna, NY

Underneath the scabs and scars,
Is a child wishing on a lucky star.
Wishing for some miracle,
Trying to escape the serene hysterical.
All of us here have accepted the truth,
That this is our lives, and we are everyday being renewed.
But you can’t help but to remember that child in the photographs,
And that smile that always shone back,
Can you recall the child that never hesitated,
And wouldn’t dare let a piece of candy be wasted?
Now the past is in our eyes,
Wishing for our old lives.
The one without the needles, shots, and tears,
I miss those easy years.
Now I have experienced more,
And I know that life’s hard to endure.
We ride the days of highs and lows,

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