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By Anonymous, Sulphur, LA

Tell me why, that when I first met you, my gut didn’t burst out of my stomach or my heart from my breast. I saw you under the dim lighting of the fluorescents, and I thought you might be someone interesting to talk to. Nothing more. And then, the next time, my heart skipped a beat when you hugged me close. I saw you a few more times after that, and then the summer came and I didn’t hear from you anymore. But I thought about you constantly. In those few, precious times that we were together, my attraction to you grew. When I had that first conversation with you on the phone- the first ever from a boy- I didn’t want to hang up. We talked for an hour and a half, and I could have listened to the sound of your laughter all night long. The fact that you had a girlfriend didn’t really cause me hindrance- not as long as I didn’t see her.

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