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The Vampire Chronicles: Part 1-Allison (3)

By TeamJacobArchuleta, Chicago, IL

Ding dong.
Alexander had arrived. Officer Deblin walked over to the front door and opened it up. There stood Alexander. He actually held a small resemblance to my dad. Except my dad didn't have jet black hair, golden eyes, pale, white skin, and an eerie look on his face. Alexander did.
"Hello. My name is officer Mike Deblin. Are you Alexander?"
"Yes I am. Is Leslie Becker here?" he asked. I flinched at the sound of my mom's name.
"No, sir, she is not. There has actually been an incident and now she is missing. We are trying our best to locate her, but for now I'm going to have to ask you to leave. Mister?" replied officer Deblin.
"Mr. DeVincie. Now you said she was missing?" I squinted and tilted my head.

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