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Killer Eyes; part 1

September 26, 2009

Kaitlyn S., Auburn, AL By unwrittenlove, Mount Berry, GA

I laugh as my friend, Max, shoots another spitball at the nerd in front of the room. Max gives me a high-five and rolls up another paper ball. Hearing the faint squeak of the door, I glance up. A girl walks in and heads to the teachers desk. I turn my attention away, uninterested. My eyes swept over the classroom checking out the scene. Max continued shooting spitballs while girls looked on admiringly. My on again, off again girlfriend, Carrie, was with her usual posse of mean girls. A group of punks huddled in the corner arguing about a new punk CD that came out today.
“Excuse me,” an annoyed, high-pitched voice spoke beside me. The girl who walked in earlier eased by Max and me to sit in the desk behind us. I shot her a disgusted look and turned back to my realm of students.
Being the most popular boy in school, star quarterback, and student body president had its perks.

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