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the accident

By auna123, Bethel, AK

It was a normal school day. We where running line drills and I started to get dizzy because I was getting thirsty. Then I ran into some one I really wasn’t paying attention. Suddenly all I saw was a flash of blue and I was on the floor holding my head. When I looked at my hand and seen all that blood is when I really started to freak out. One of the teachers or some one started to clean the blood and was holding paper towels to my head. They asked me what my car looked like and I gave the first letters of my license plate and the type of car. They called 911 and the EMTS came and my dad and sister too. They put me on a stretcher and I as on my way to the ER.
I was in the ER in a small room with heavy curtains for separation walls. There were also some medical instruments. They made me stay flat on my back with a very uncomfortable neck brace on.

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