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Blown In The Breeze This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Suzanne Z., Brooklyn, NY

   Blown in the Breeze

At times I feel like that leaf that is the last one to fall and hangs all alone.
On a bare branch with all the other leaves gone and off playing.
I sit there, hanging on with all my strength.
I don't want to do what my friends do but they keep nagging me, pulling
at me.
I hold on.
Please help me, I don't want to fall.
I'm trying to hold on.
I try, I try.
My grip is loosening.
Oh, help me please!
The wind starts to blow.
I'm begging you please!
The wind is blowing more.
I try, I try, I ...

I tried. I honestly did.
Maybe if I tried harder, just a tad bit more.
Then I might not be lying here as part of them.

by S. Z., Stamford, CT

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