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Caught in the Stairways

By MeganAnne, Niskayuna, NY

Caught in the stairways,
Of your many-level gaze.
Nowhere to go,
No one to know.
The world spinning under our feet,
Feeling, under my palm, your racing heartbeat.
This moment is a moment of surrender,
Relinquishing, abandoning, leaving behind everything together.
You and me…
Such beautiful words, so lovely.
We have nothing left to hide,
No, nothing to keep hidden, except the simple concept of you and I.
Holding in this clandestine,
Feeding this tangy crime.
Our lips crash,
Drums roll in our ears, bold and brash.
Mouths moving in sync,
Never having to think.
My home is in your arms,
Encircle me, keep from the cold, keep me from harm.

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