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In Love And Frost Bite

By Razzmatazz, Findlay, OH

Shock ran through my veins. I knew that there was no hope. How could I forgotten to shut the door behind me! Mother had insisted that I watch my brother while she milked the cows. The wind seemed to howl louder as I thought of the dangers. This has been a terrible winter and only two days into January this would surely be the worst yet.
I bolted towards the door and stepped in side. “Edward! Edward! Where are you?” I shouted. There was no answer nothing but the blizzard outside could be heard. How could I be so selfish? I just wanted to see if James Brown’s horse was going by. Who would be in this weather at a time like this anyways? Me apparently, for now I would have to find him. Mother would come in any time!
I took a deep breath as I stepped out into the thin air. I was almost blown off my feet which ment Edward surly had flown away.

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