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Forgotten Children, A Tokio Hotel Fan-Fiction

By GraceGallows, Plainville, MA

I was outside sitting on a rock....in our school we went to a field trip to watch the town take down the Christmas tree which usually mint snow :( tomorrow was going to be a snow day everyone knew. It was suppose to snow 7 inches. I was writing in my note book...about how much I love Bill Kaulitz...witch I do..... Allot....he was in my 7th grade class...still elementary was I living..... He was 15...like me and had black spiky hair and a side bang. I looked at him he saw me and smiled; I looked down knowing I was blushing. One more thing important about me I had no friends, mainly because I wore jeans and a t shirt instead of a dress. He came over to me and we talked. Come on class the teacher yelled. We got on the bus and I sat alone like always. Once again I was being made fun of and people were yelling at me about how great the world would be without me and pointing out all the bad things about me.

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