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You've Been Deceived

October 9, 2009

By ScarlettS, Chapmansboro, TN

Oh, the pain, the unbelief that goes through my mind. I wander around pacing, eyes open wide, brow furrowed together.
“How could such logic be considered?” I ask myself.
I sit, for I fear that I will wear a hole in the carpet from my continuous, worried pace.
Something in the very depths of my being stirs, thus causing an unsettled feeling.
“He is real. How could anyone be so blind as to not see His wonderful ways?”
The thought crosses my mind several times before the conclusion comes with much clarity.
Deception. The act of being deceived, beguiled, misled.
This world has been. . . Deceived. Time and time again.
Atheists, witches, warlocks. All made up by the mind. All made up after being deceived.
The unsettled feeling returns.

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