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Role Models

October 14, 2009

By el-oh-el, Maloney Gardens, Trinidad and Tobago

What are role models? A role model is someone whom others look up to, who they aspire to be like. The way you would think of your role model is the same way you think of a crush. With a crush you will stop at nothing for them to take notice of you and when it comes to a role model it's exactly the same and to make them aware you want to be just like them; do everything they do, say what they say, eat what they eat etc.
I know for a fact that Miley Cyrus is a role model to many little girls, why she herself is a little girl. I do not like Miley Cyrus, okay I don't know her personally but neither do any of the little girls who want to be like her. This is not about liking her show or her music, which I do in fact like. This is about the fact that she is such a terrible role model. The clothes she wears, the things she does, it is not becoming of such an iconic role model.

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