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October 8, 2009

By arElana, Fair Lawn, NJ

oh how wrong humanity was.
i shouldered the heavy load, aand kept stumbling forward. i looked around the sea of other robots. when one robot, Ai-ti betreyed his master, we were all accused
i remember the last day, Tommy crying into my shoulder. i felt greif beyond beleif, but i couldnt cry. robots dont haave tear ducts.

i heard a voice, "Keep moving!"
i stepped forward in time with the others... left right left right.

humans didnt know that we werent a bunch of mindless hunks of metal. we haad developed life and emotion. another robot in the shape of a smaall girl got yanked out of line towards the crushers. i walked faster, head down.
i haad to live.

the robot in front of me turned and smiled. it was Ai-ti. i felt a shiver of fear


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