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Your gift, My debt Chpt. 1

October 9, 2009

By Anjo!, Roseburg, OR


I’m flying, flying free as a bird. Wait, I’m not flying, I’m surfing. I just landed one of the biggest waves I have ever seen. When I’m surfing I feel like I’m home. Like, this is where I belong—but no one knows that ‘cause they just think I do it for fun. Somewhere where no one judges or gossips. Somewhere where I know I don’t have to hide. Hide my true feelings from the world.
“Woah.” Another surfer girl says as soon as I get back to the beach. “That was pretty freakin’ fly, girl.”
Smiling, I say, “Haha, thanks.”
I walk back to my car, strap my surf board to the top of my car, and get into the drivers seat. Ring, Ring. I try to look for my phone in my bag—the black hole as my friends call it—but couldn’t get to it in time.

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