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He Made Me Smile

October 14, 2009

By Rachel_Beth, Rainsville, AL

Countless days and countless nights rocked on and I never heard from him. As I laid in my med curled up in a ball wondering if I ment anything at all to him. If he even gave me a second thought. I figured at this point he was long gone. Nowhere to be found. He used to kid around with me about how he was going to move and he said he would just have to leave me behind. He would get me all worked up and nearly to tears. "Baby you know I am kidding, I would never leave you!" Those words from his deep raspy voice would calm me instantly. He always had a way with words. He made me smile

For two years we had a love/hate relationship. He got on my ever loving nerves but I did love him. He would make me mad as fire. "You know you are beautiful right?!"...I would look at him and just laugh and he would wrap me up in his towering body and just hold me there.

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