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The Game

By hello84, Denver, CO

Right now is the moment of truth. As we get ready to play our next game we talk strategy. This isn’t any ordinary game, it’s the championship! We aren’t versing any ordinary team, we are facing a team that beat us three times in the regular season and is one year older. It’s ON! I feel anticipation as the five of us jog onto the court, a surge of adrenaline rushing through my system. Here it is South Jeffco verses Dakota Ridge.
We circle around the people that are jumping for the ball; the ref blows the whistle and throws the ball up. Both centers lift off from the ground and stretch every part of their arm to the tip of their fingers. Our center, Amara won the jump and tipped it back. Here we go, I though to myself and the game began. We dribbled down the court; this was going to be a fun game.

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