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A is for Anxiety

By Edneisha G, Houston, TX

Quiet, paranoid, easily startled. A whirlwind of sleeping pills, migraines, and earplugs, this is life for me after 13. After anxiety. Before, in contrast, I was a wild, talkative, rather annoying little person as most children are. So it seems I was perfectly normal. How this normalcy went awry, I'm not sure. When, is quite precise: 8th grade, winter break, 13 years old. I'd been staying with my grandparents for the holidays, mainly to get away from the hustle and bustle with my immediate family. The only downside to this was that they kept their house freezing cold even during the winter. During this period I was always tired and would spend most of my time sleeping or trying to sleep on the sofa which was in front of the AC. Of course i became ill. Yet even after I'd been cured and the sickness passed, some symptoms remained.

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