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Let's go Sledding

By t.elizabeth, Rowley, MA

I’ve never broken a bone, and there was only one time in my life as of yet that I have come close. I was in sixth grade at my friend Lauren’s house, an old neighbor and my oldest friend. The same friend who convinced me to pee on her rug with her when we were six, broke her wrist doing a round-off in the front yard one night, ran screaming down her driveway in one shoe and pure terror because the neighbors jack russell terrier decided to chase after her, and the most caring, cautious person I know.

Lauren’s personality persuaded me to do it, I’ve always known her to be a sensible person and so when she suggested the idea it didn’t seem unreasonable or even a little dangerous. If the idea had come from her sister Patrice, I would have hesitated more, probably even laughed at the suggestion and moved on to the next one.

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