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Mom vs. Dad

By t.elizabeth, Rowley, MA

My parents are similar people, at the very least compatible. There are many ways in which they are alike, the share the same opinions on school and grades, and other general house rules. But, over the years, I’ve come to notice the ways in which they are not alike, the ways their personalities conflict and their decisions vary. Parents in general are similar in this way, kids quickly gain an understanding of the ways parents decisions differ and use that knowledge to their advantage.

My dad is the one I go to for money. In most cases, when I, or either of my siblings want something it’s much easier to get it out of my dad than it is trying to persuade my mom into it, because she rarely gives in to pleading. So in the situations involving money, clothes, video games, in my brother’s case, or anything else material, it’s common knowledge in my household to go straight to dad.

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