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Passion for Fashion

By t.elizabeth, Rowley, MA

“And who are you wearing tonight?”
Instead of John Galliano, Valentino or Marchesa, my dream is for my name to come as effortlessly to the celebrities as these iconic ones do.
I’d rather spend my afternoons walking through aisles of fabric that I can transform into anything as opposed to racks of shirts in sizes small, medium or large. I spend my Saturday mornings on the third level of a woman’s house where buckets of fabric line the walls and shoes are a necessity if you don’t want pins in your feet. There she has taught me more than I thought I’d ever know about sewing and bringing my sketches to life. Ivette has made fashion her life not only by devoting an entire floor of her house solely to designing and sewing, but by finding people and places close to her that can use her talents.

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