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Why Fashion?

November 7, 2009

By t.elizabeth, Rowley, MA

Some people can pinpoint the moment they realized they wanted to be an artist or a doctor or a teacher, but for me, there was never one single moment when I knew I wanted to go to school for fashion design. It’s something that’s been accumulating over many years of loving art, clothes, and color. I’ve watched my mom make a living out of art as a graphic designer and I guess you could say I’m following in her footsteps somewhat, maybe next to her footsteps.

While I can’t pick the moment I knew I loved fashion design I can get a little closer to the moment I realized I loved New York City and knew it was where I wanted to go to school. Since freshman year I’ve been telling people I’m going to go to school in New York. I visited the city for the first time in eighth grade on a class trip.

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