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By BlossomC, Brooklyn, NY

Her eyes met mine and I looked quickly down. I could feel her stare and I walked the other way. I was going to be late for class, that's for sure but I didn't want to face her. All the remarks she would make. She even spread a rumor around already.
A coward. That was me. Ever since the incident happened, she turned on me. Suddenly, she was the popular one and everyone started to follow her. I could swear that the school was just a bunch of clones. Now me though and she now singled me out. I heard her behind me and I stopped, feeling afraid all of a sudden. I could feel her preparing to say something embarassing and mean but she didn't speak. I turned and stared at her in the eyes. She was glaring at me and then she opened her eyes to say, "I hate you." She flippe dehr hair and walked away. I felt myself being torn on the inside.

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