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The other Half. Part Four

October 26, 2009

By mai....., Deloraine, Australia

I walked down the bush track that me and jet had ran along in the orienteering activity earlier today. It was dark, it had became dark quicker than I’d expected, I looked at my watch...I hit the screen of my purple watch and the hands didn’t move, great, I thought. I didn’t turn around though, my watch said it was, what, my watch read 3pm and I was sure that it was working then because Jet had asked me what time it was and I had told him 3.30pm. I rolled my eyes and walked down the hill to where the big tree lay across the path. I couldn’t climb on top of it but i could maybe squeeze under the bottom, there was about a 30 cm gap. I got down onto my stomach and remembering the days back in scouts, I army crawled under the log. I stood up and tried to brush the dirt of, but it wasn’t dirt, it was mud, I had forgotten about the rain earlier.

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