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By Lauren B., Rockwall, TX

You've heard it before … that incessant clicking in the middle of the new hit box-office release. The beeping of buttons as you try to carry on a conversation. The snap of a cell phone as the person you are talking to mumbles an apology about the text they just have to answer – the one that's so important it can't wait. Texting in the middle of conversations, movies, or any other event where it is otherwise inappropriate to talk is as rude as answering the phone.

Texting has always seemed unnecessary to me, and has successfully interrupted many a movie and halted conversations in their tracks. I am not against texting as an alternative form of communication, but the constant beeping and clicking of buttons during events and conversations is irksome, irritating, and just plain rude!

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I totally agree with you. All of this texting, social networking and other forms of technology is ruining our generation. It's numbing the minds of kids everyday. A lot of kids in my school ares so used to checking the time on their cell phones and digital watches, that they've actually forgotten how to read a regular analog clock! If this is what technology is doing to us now, I definitely don't want to see what it will be like in 20 years!
Jul. 08, 2013 at 6:14 PM • Report