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Black Sheep This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Heather B., Brooklyn, NY

     It seems like I am a walking object for stereotypes. With my long black hair, pierced lip, and dark clothes, I’m pretty much a red flag for parents. Every day people stop and stare at my three-inch platform boots and torn skirts with scornful eyes. My lack of normalcy pushes people to associate me with negative activities. It feels awful to be looked down on based on appearance; I’m sure many others can relate. Adults have hinted that this is all a “phase” and I should consider changing. Teachers practically expect failure from me the moment I enter their room. I am determined to change this idea. All people deserve to be loved and taken seriously for who they are - from the inside out.

Yes, I love black. Yes, I listen to heavy metal music. So what. This doesn’t mean that I spend my time smoking the purity out of my lungs and breaking the law.

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i agruee with you on this, that people who dont wear black or listen to metal or screamo. should not judge you or anyone like you. Stay with the friends who dont judge you, but except you as who you're. i am in the same promblem you're in too, so i know what is going on with you. i wear black alot and iam in a my own way Goth and if someone says something about i just innor them and kept my head up and i dont let peoples thoughts. ruin my way of life i just live it my own way. so can you just innore the others and live your life your own way.
Mar. 27, 2014 at 12:54 PM • Report