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The Twilight Saga: New Moon

November 23, 2009

By TheUnknownIsBliss, East Patchogue, NY

With New Moon being one of the most renowned books in the history of publishing, it is also a large movie franchise.
I am an overly obsessed Twilight Saga fan myself so i definitley think this film deserves at least four stars. The movie was a masterpiece and the director, Chris Weitz did a fantastic job with it.
The movie showed how a young girl, Isabella Swan, was very depressed after her true love of a vampire, Edward Cullen,left her. Afterward she has a new hope of finding comfort in her childhood friend Jacob Black. Later on he joins a "cult" of werewolves. Bella is not very frightened by this because she has already seen some pretty supernatural things like this beforehand. Bella then realizes when she puts herself in immediate danger, she sees her true love, Edward Cullen. If a rush of dangers is what it takes to see him, then that's what she'll find.

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