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Homophobia in the Halls This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

By Anonymous

The gym teacher separated our class into threeteams. One hostile boy tried to convince me that his team was the wrong one forme to be on. I told him I had distinctly heard the teacher assign me to his team,and if he had a problem with me he should discuss it with the teacher. After mycomment, the boy bashed me with gay slurs. I am not the most masculine student inmy school and could understand he didn't want me on his team because of my poorathletic skills, but I didn't understand why he was calling me gay. He didn'tstop until my friend interrupted.

From experiences like this, I know thathomophobia is a serious problem in my school. I am not gay, but have heard fromfriends that many think I am. I was oblivious to these opinions until I enteredhigh school, when it became disturbingly vocalized.

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