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Legalizing Marijuana, Hemp

By Morningstar, Geneva, IN

Just because it seems in my state that people form their opinions based on what they're told and not their logic, and because I'm not artistically inspired right now, I thought what I'd do is make a little report on marijuana. This isn't because I'm a stoner at all, but because it annoys me that people get their facts misrepresented because they only agree with what they're told and decide to be passive on many subjects such as this. It's definitely a flaw of a society that's been spoon fed by their government and their parents. Because if you indefinitely think something is right because your guidance counselor, church leader, parents, or government tells you so, you won't think about it at all otherwise, what would be the point, right? Almost conversely, when you're a kid and you disagree with an older person has to say, you're told you're wrong, and that their statement is just the way it is.

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