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New Moon: Sink or Swim?

By Caramel_Apple, Yardley, PA

Jacob Black's face appears on screen again. He is cradling Bella in his arms, handing her off to Charlie to finish the job. He is shirtless, of course. He lost baby fat and put on muscle. The movie producers felt obliged to show it. I mean, SHOW IT! When the camera followed Jake, Jake was shirtless. Girls scream in the movie theater, drooling at the muscles. Personally, Twilight producers went way over the top.

Take Bella. She was writhing in pain after Edward left. She's a good screamer, I'll give her that. It was a little too melodramatic, with the blood, and Jasper leaping at her, with a glint in his eye and an empty stomach.

The locations they shot at were good. The sound tracks were good. The movie had a good intention. However, the movie turned from modest, little Twilight, to New Moon, where the stars aren't Bella and Edward, but Jacob Black. As my friend quotes, "That was the most emo chick-flick."

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