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Crimson Souls Part 2 - Final

By linkroxsox, Carrollton, TX

“Wait, Sam! I’ll put you out of your misery!” Cara walked down the stairs with a wild, crooked smile on her face holding the same bloody bat. She immediately caught up to him. Sam paused and fell awkwardly down the stairs, feeling relieved if only for a moment. He immediately regretted it. Thousands of scorpions ran up and down his skin. Sam began to shake with fear as one fat, furry scorpion crawled into his open mouth. He cried out and it stung him. Suddenly, all the scorpions stuck out their stingers and stung him. He opened his mouth and the scorpion fell out. A hand clasped his mouth shut. Sam looked up and saw Cara smiling sweetly.
“Don’t you just love my illusions?” She giggled and the scorpions disappeared, “You didn’t think I’d let you escape did you?” She peered into his blue eyes, “Now, be a good little boy and…” Sam punched her in the nose and managed to crawl to the door and twist the knob.

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