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Turkish Delight

By SRobserver, Montreal, Canada

Last summer my family and I visited Istanbul and Trabzon, two cities in gorgeous Turkey. Though our vacation was only two weeks long, it was enough for me to leave Turkey with a new prospective of a city I never dreamed could hold so much. Our vacation started off with a week in Istanbul, the capital of Turkey. After that we flew to a small town near the black sea called Trabzon, which is known for its mountains and beautiful scenery.

In the middle of our week in Istanbul I had to go to the emergency room at three in the morning. My hospital visit led me to discover that no matter how far in the world I travel Istanbul is just another city that never sleeps. While sitting in a taxi cab with my parents on our way to the hospital, I looked out the window and saw men sitting outside laughing and sipping tea as if it were early at night, instead of three in the morning.

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